Monday, September 24, 2012

"THAT" Writing Test...

4th grade is one of those years that looms over the heads of not only students, but parents and teachers as well. Why, you ask? This is the first year that students in Florida take the FCAT Writing test. The test is given three different years throughout a students career, with the second assessment given in 8th grade, and the final assessment in 10th.

This year, the students will be given a writing prompt that will be one of two genres- Narrative or Expository. No one will know the prompt until the test begins and each student opens their testing booklet. Students will have 60 minutes to plan and write their paper, which has changed from the previous years 45 minutes.

As promised, I am including a link to the FLDOE website with downloadable information about the test. Click the link below and you will be taken to the FCAT 2.0 homepage. From there, you will find the 2013 FCAT 2.0 Writing PDF file. This is worth reading as it is three pages of FAQs and information about the test.

The FCAT 2.0 Writing Calibration Papers can also be found on this page. Please take a moment and look through these anchor papers. They will give you an idea about where we are headed this year and what the expectations are for your student.


We are going to tackle this milestone together. Remember- "Teamwork makes the dream work"! Looking forward to discovering the amazing authors inside each of our students! :)

Until next time,

-Mrs. Kidd

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