Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HELLO Persuasion!

We are beginning one of my FAVORITE units of writing this week! Persuasive writing is so much fun for the students, as they research and become aware of all of the persuasion that is around them everyday! They use the persuasive tool all of the time and many don't even realize it! Some of them are masters of persuasion, so it is always fun for them to write pieces trying to convince someone to think their way. :)

We began our unit by discovering just how many things around us are used to try and persuade us! This is something I didn't even think much about until I began teaching persuasive writing a few years ago! Persuasion is ALL around us! There are so many tools used to persuade us, from the obvious, like commercials on TV and ads in the not so obvious- that really cool "free" toy in our cereal boxes! The students job was to find a persuasive example, write a response deciding if this was a good persuasion piece or not, and bring it into class. The students found some great examples! :)

I am looking forward to exploring this genre more with my students, and hearing their own "arguments"!