Sunday, October 18, 2015


Analyzing of my favorite skills to teach! I love watching my students infer great traits to describe their characters, and then provide awesome evidence to back it up. It always amazes me how when we begin the unit, their favorite words are nice and mean, and by the end of our study they have a plethora of descriptive words from uncooperative to humble. 

To introduce the skill, I always begin discussing the difference between physical traits- how a person or character is on the outside, and character traits- which describe a person on the inside. We then think about words that would describe ourselves- physical and personality. As we were in the middle of a class discussion- the idea for #SecretSelfie came to me....because kids love to tell about themselves, and they love to play games! What better way to learn about inferring character?! 

Each student was asked to describe their physical traits as well as their character traits and provide examples of how they believe they possess those certain personality traits. Once students finished their descriptions, I taped their "selfie" to the back of their papers. I numbered each paper and hung them around the room. 

The students took clipboards and were then on a mission to infer which of their classmates fit each description. They had tons of fun guessing who their friends were, and we learned a lot about each other, too! Apparently the skill was one that stuck with them well because our class received a 100% on character trait questions on our last district assessment! Whoot whoot!! 

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