Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nonfiction News!!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Over the last several weeks we have been exploring the nonfiction genre and completing a genre study. I am a true believer that when children are exposed to concepts over an extended length of time, they will be more likely to master the information. I LOVE completing author studies and genre studies for this reason!! It gives us a chance to really delve into the meat of the text, rather than just skim over it! When this is done- the result is a deeper learning that lasts. :)

We began our author study by exploring the differences between fiction and nonfiction. Each group completed a Venn Diagram charting their "noticing" about the differences between the two genres. There were SO many light bulbs that went off in so many of their minds! It was wonderful to watch their discoveries. Hearing them notice newer things like flow charts, pie graphs, special type...was SO neat. After the students completed their individual venn diagrams, we transferred much of their information to a class diagram. This diagram has become a work in progress, as we continue to chart noticings throughout the study!

Over the next few weeks we will be "digging deeper" into the purposes behind each type of nonfiction and informational text as well as it's structure and features. Please enjoy the rap I discovered about nonfiction on youtube. The kids absolutely adore it and we usually listen to it each day as we open our study! They have gotten pretty good at singing the lyrics- and the coolest part is- it has really helped them remember different text features and their purpose! :)

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