Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FCAT is fast approaching!

Now that we are back to school from winter break, it is GAME ON for FCAT preparation and review. Over the next few months, we will be hitting the 3rd grade Benchmarks hard to make sure we have mastered each one before the FCAT test after Spring Break in March.

Be looking for information coming home regarding an FCAT night sometime in February. On that night, the 3rd grade team will go in depth discussing the FCAT and the things that will be tested, as well as answering any questions. The students will have a chance to go into the computer lab this night and browse the FCAT Explorer website with their individual usernames and passwords.

Most of my students have had a chance to peruse FCAT Explorer during reader's workshop within our classroom. I sent home usernames and passwords with the students in the fall, however many of you have requested them again. To sign on to the site, you will need the following username and password:

Username: Last name + First initial
Password: 16 + First 4 letters of last name + numerical birth month and day (mmdd)

For a student names John Smith whose birthday is January 5-
Username: Smithj
Password: 16smit0105

Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems!


  1. Hi Suzanne,
    I'm a fellow 3rd grade teacher in San Antonio, Texas. Our state testing is called the STAAR test. Well, at least it sounds exciting, right? Anyway, I just noticed that you joined my blog and so I headed on over to check yours out. So, I am officially your 1st follower. Welcome to the blogging world! I would also love for you to visit my Tpt or Teachers NB store and see if you can use any of my freebies. There are buttons along the sidebar of my blog if you are interested.

    Happy Blogging!!!

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  2. Hey there, Patti! Thanks for being my first follower! :) I was very excited to have one! In the last few months, I have discovered the AMAZING world of teaching blogs and I am addicted! My goal is to keep mine updated for my parents, but who knows...the more I search my peers blogs, the more inspired I am too have my own! Thanks again. Oh-and BTW- STAAR sounds very exciting!! Good luck, and thanks for sharing your wonderful classroom with the blogging community!